Pacifier clip+Pacifier Little Mico Crown


Pacifier Clip + Pacifier Little Mico Crown

Pacifier Clip: The coolest way to keep the pacifier close and off the ground! One of our customers favorite! The shape and colors provides great stimulation for kids.

Attach it to clothes, strollers, car seats or a baby carrier to hold the pacifier or teething ring close.

  • We use exclusive wooden paint beads and all is non-toxic, lead free and even saliva proof.
  • Comply with European standard EN-12586 and ASTM F963-11.
  • Exclusive maple wood made in Germany

Easy to use: Attaches to most pacifiers. Slip cord through pacifier and slide pacifier clip through to make a slip knot.

CARE: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or rinse in water. Only use mild soap. Do not submerge the teether in water. Never boil or use strong cleaning, sterilization methods. Do not expose to extreme temperatures. Lay or hang overnight to dry. Store only when completely dry and clean.

This item is also called pacifier holder, dummy clip, dummy holder, soother holder


Pacifier: Cute, funny, sweet and cool messages on baby pacifiers.

  • Our pacifiers are made in Germany according European standard EN-1400.
  • BPA-free, Phthalate free, PVC-free, Lead free
  • Orthodontic pacifier with Silicone teat
  • Newborn 0-6 months or 5-18 months
  • The product is Anti Bacterial and Stain Resistant.

Our pacifiers support the healthy development of baby’s jaw. The pacifier shield is perfectly adapted to the contours of the mouth. Chin protection prevents skin irritation above the chin. Rounded shield edge is soft and smooth and prevents pressure points. The Extra-large ventilation holes along the sides of the shield enable baby’s sensitive skin to breathe optimally. All pacifiers will be delivered with a hygienic pacifier cover made of BPA free Polypropylene.

CARE: Sterilize the pacifier in boiling water for five minutes and let it cool. Gently squeeze any excess water out of the nipple.

Also called soother, dummy, binky, sut, tétine, chupete, ciuccio, Schnuller

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